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DW200-2000 Heavy Duty Ring Woven Press Felt Loom

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DW200-2000 Heavy Duty Ring Woven Press Felt Loom


Product description

This is applicable to weave high-strength paper making woven press felt with true selvage, especially for ring woven press felt.


Technical Parameters

1、Range of Polyester Monofilament: 0.1~0.5mm or 0.2mm× 6 ply.

2、Weft density: 50~360 picks/10cm.  

3、Warp density: 60~180 ends/10cm.

4、Reed Width: 10m-20m.           

5、Economic Speed: 25-30 rpm.

6、Motor power: about 40KW.        

7、Weight: About 80T.


Main Constructions

1、Framework : The main wallboard adopting iron box structure, the complete machine installed on the whole basement.

2、Main Drive: Adopting bilateral motor two-sided coaxial drive,motor power is 11KW, double pneumatic clutch and the main driving box adopts ellipse gear variable.

3、Shedding Mechanism: Adopting bilateral broda blade side-drawing dobby device, 12 heald frames.

4、Weft Insertion Mechanism: Adopting hydraulic picking mode, two-sided 2×2 shuttle box shuttle-changing weft selector.

5、Beating-up Mechanism:Adopting multi-fissions combined crank four-linkage variable speed weft beating.

6、Take-up Mechanism: Adopting electronically control three-roller positive take-up, the upper rollers are separately driven by servo motor.

7、Let-off Mechanism: Adopting external central positive let-off (single warp beam,flange-separating warping).

8、Web-rolling Mechanism: Adopting external superficial web rolling driven by independent torque motor. 

9、Lubricating System: The complete machine adopts automatic grease lubrication and hand oil lubrication. 

10、Controlling System: With OMRON PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set up various parameters and automatically display faults.