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CXWT Special Screen Loom

basic information
CXWT Special Screen Loom
Product description
The machine is suitable for weaving heavy and heavy press nets, desulfurization nets, etc., heavy environmental protection filters and other fabrics.
 Technical Parameters:
 1. Polyester monofilament application range: 0.3~1.2mm.
 2, weft density range: 40 ~ 150 latitude / 10cm.
 3, reed width: 6300mm-7500mm.
 4. Economic speed: 40-45 rpm.
 5, the total power of the whole machine: about 50kw.
 6, the machine weight: about 40T-60T.
 The main structure:
 1. Frame: The main wall board adopts cast iron box structure, and the whole machine is installed on the whole base.
 2. Main transmission: coaxial transmission of double-side reluctance motor.
 3. Opening mechanism: double-sided heavy-duty multi-arm structure opening, 10-page heald frame.
 4, weft insertion mechanism: servo motor single rapier weft insertion, 2 color weft selection.
 5, the beating mechanism: multi-section split combination crank four-bar hitting.
 6, the winding mechanism: servo drive three rolls actively coiled.
 7, the warp mechanism: servo drive double warp beam active delivery.
 8, the network mechanism: independent outside the center of the volume.
 9. Lubrication system: The whole machine adopts the combination of grease lubrication automatic oil supply and manual fueling.
10. Control system: The whole machine adopts PLC programmable automatic control system, which can be freely set and weaved.
              Various parameters of the machine, fault self-stop, automatic display.