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Corrugated cardboard conveyor belt loom

basic information
Mining with multi-band Series
Product description
This machine is suitable for weaving corrugated cardboard conveyor belts.
Technical Parameters:
1. Banner: 2800mm.
2. Rack: Two sets of main wall panels, two sets of middle wall panels, and split combined racks.
3, opening: heavy-duty double-sided pull multi-arm opening, sixteen steel heald frame.
4, weft insertion: pneumatic control, shuttle bar picking, wooden shuttle weft insertion, with shuttle box detection.
5. Transmission: single motor single pneumatic clutch, single side transmission, motor: 15KW.
6, squatting: increase the squat, add a hat, beaten power: 6 tons / m.
7, speed: 30-40 rev / min.
8, winding: electronic control, servo motor drive toothed stick three sticks with pressure adjustment.
9, delivery: electronic control, servo motor drive vertical active delivery device, five pairs of delivery rollers, pressure adjustable,
10. Control: PLC control of the whole machine, various parameters can be set freely, the fault is automatically displayed, and the wooden shuttle is in place.
11. Lubrication: The whole machine is equipped with grease lubrication and oil lubrication manual pump, and the main transmission tank oil lubrication on both sides.
12: Weight: about 35 tons.