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GSL160 Steel Tire Cord Weaving Machine

basic information
GLS160 Steel Tire Cord Weaving Machine
Product description

This machine is used for weaving the integral fabrics with brass-toned steel yarn or zinc-plating steel yarn and dip nylon yarn in cable knitting or twill model. These fabrics has the characteristics of good integrity, high strengthen, no slipping among the warp, weft and dip plying yarn. Well-distributed and stable between warp and weft. Easy operated and convenient in application. It is widely applied in production of all kinds of conveyor belt. It has increased the functions in coursewise strength 、 impact resistance and resistance to ripping.


Technical parameters:

  1、Main wallboard:adopts steel board construction.

  2、Reed width:1600mm.

  3、Beatting-up:Craft shaft beatting up system.

  4、Weft insertion:single rapier head weft insert system.

  5、Weft feed: Adjusting tension compensate system.

  6、Let off system:Two rubber-covered rollers are tightly grasped with steel  roller; positive speed-adjusting continuous let-off without weft yarn.

  7、Shedding system:Harness Cam shedding system, 2 pieces of heald frames.

  8、Driven system: It consists of motor (4Kw),gear and band pulley.

  9、Speed:15-40 rpm( frequency stepless speed adjusting)

  10、Winding system: Mechanical winding system.

  11、Dimension: (Length×Width×Height) 4500mm×3200mm×1800mm, Not include creel.