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GA727F Heavy Duty Filter Canvas Loom

basic information
GA727F Heavy Duty Filter Canvas Loom
Product description

This machine is professional for weaving heavy canvas, high density industrial filter cloth fabrics etc.


Technical Parameters:

1、Range of yarn: 10s×6 ply;

2、Maximum weft density: 24 picks/inch (warp density: 10s×6 ply 36 picks/inch)

3、Reed Width: 1800mm—2300mm.

4、Framework: Steel wallboard, 4 square pipe as transverse rail.

5、Speed: 120rpm.

6、Shedding: Tappet cam shedding system, 4 pieces of heald frames.

7、Weft Insertion: Double sided flexible rapier weft insertion system, and exchange weft in the medium of slay.

8、Beating Up: Crankshaft beating up, heavy duty slay and reed cap, heavy beat up lever.

9、Let Off: Electronic let off system, warp beam model warp supply, power of servo motor: 1Kw.

10、Take Up: Electronic take up system, power of servo motor: 1 Kw.

11、Fabric Rolling: Frequency motor external fabric rolling system. The Maximum Dia. is 1000mm.

12、Motor: 4KW.